Hey, I’m Coach Tom. I set up The Busy Man’s Coach because I know exactly what it’s like to struggle balancing getting in shape with a hectic schedule - and ignore what’s going on with your body when all you want to do is live life to the fullest. 


Let me ask you a question, are you happy with the impact your hectic schedule and career has had on your health and fitness?


My fellow high achievers know that work can take over your health. If you’re not careful, you can find yourself embarrassingly out of shape and unfit. And you know that’s a poor reflection on your values as a successful man.


I’ve been a competitive natural bodybuilder at World title level. But even with that bank of knowledge, I found myself burned out, gaining weight, and swerving gym sessions - because work was sucking the life out of me.


I’ve found a way to get it right. I can now balance it all AND maintain a lean, healthy physique that I'm proud of. And guess what – business has never been better. The Busy Man’s Coach teaches you a streamlined, achievable way to train regularly, eat healthily, and have a life outside work. 


This is for guys who are smashing it at work but at the cost of their body. Let me show you how simple it is to get into a solid routine, so you can lose weight, pack on lean muscle and feel like a boss every day.


Hit the apply button and we’ll set up a free 30-minute consult call.


Coach Tom

Join The Program That's Transformed 100s Of Busy Men Just Like you...

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Body Transformations & Lifestyle Change For High Achievers!

I need to be clear:  this is NOT a "one-off" copy and pasted meal plan or a quick-fix weight loss system. 


The Busy Man’s Coach is an intelligent approach to tackling the things stopping you from having a body that you’re proud of.


  1. We start with a discovery call to discuss your routine, goals, and vision. 

  2. Welcome to the team! Download the app and head to the Coaching Lab.

  3. Your training, nutrition, and action points (designed by me) will be in the app ready to go!

  4. Weekly check-ins. Streamlined so they never take longer than necessary. The right changes and feedback is made to ensure you're smashing it. 

  5. Learn knowledge to last a lifetime. The member's lab will give you all of the information you need to not only get in shape but stay there. 

  6. Community. The community group will connect you with other guys who are getting in the shape of their lives.  

Fast, Effective Training! 


Busy men don’t have time to spend hours in the gym. Every minute you spend getting there, training, and getting home needs to count. Good news: you do NOT need to train every day to get results. 


  • Training plans designed around your schedule

  • Fast & effective - get in and get it done 

  • Learn about training intensity 

  • Focus on fat loss and muscle gain

  • Delivered via the app for convenience


NO-Nonsense Nutrition 


Better nutrition will fast track your physique goals and boost your energy. There’s no need to eat boring diet food or invest in ridiculous fad foods. I’ll show you how to create a healthy routine that fuels your body and frees up time.


  • Nutrition education for long-term change

  • Tackle the food habits holding you back

  • Incorporate eating out and socialising

  • Science-backed information

  • Sustainable, real-life nutrition systems


Healthy Habits & Routines 


What’s the point in working with a fitness and nutrition coach if you can’t maintain it? The Busy Man’s Coach will give you the knowledge and tools you need to do this stuff by yourself.


  • Develop a routine that’s right for you

  • Improve your sleep quality

  • Manage and minimise stress

  • Maintain training during upheaval 

  • Bullet-proof your fitness and food mindset​

A Business Coach For Your Body!


You didn’t get where you are alone. Your success story features mentors, professional development courses, accountants, admin staff. It’s time to call in some help for your physical fitness. It’s a sensible investment.

Got ​A Question?

"What’s the main focus of this coaching?"

This is fitness and nutrition coaching to get you lean and muscular. But it goes a lot deeper. You’ll overcome what’s been holding you back, learn how to save time on training and healthy eating, and make it part of your life.


"Who can apply?"

This is for all professionals (including business owners and entrepreneurs) who are high achievers at work. If you’re giving the best of yourself to work at the cost of your body – this is for you.


"I’m worried I won’t have time for the admin"

I understand. This coaching is designed to save time, free up head-space, and reduce stress. Most of it is done via the app. Your weekly check-in prompts you to input only the relevant stuff when needed, support is when you want it. This program is minimal stress for maximum results.


"Are the workouts personalised?"

Yes, I will write your training plans, nutrition plans and do all of your check-ins. This is a personalised service. 


"Do I need access to a gym?"

Not necessarily, although it will help. You can get incredible results with little to no gym equipment as proven with Lockdowns in 2020! 


"Will I have to train every day?"

Absolutely not. The goal is to get amazing results without added stress. I’ll show you how to train with intensity a few times a week that fits around your schedule. 


"How many days will I have to train?"

Most guys train 3-5 times a week but your training programme will depend on various factors (we’ll discuss all this on your call).


"I travel a lot – will this work for me?"

Yes, The Busy Man’s Coach is for guys who are busy for all sorts of reasons. Working with me, you’ll develop a sustainable approach that is agile enough to work whatever life throws at you.


"I have trouble sticking to diet and training plans…"

That’s probably because you’ve tried to do unsuitable or unrealistic plans in the past. I use my education and experience as a coach to design individualised plans. And if you have trouble sticking to it, we’ll work out why and fix that, too. 

"How much die"

That’s probably because you’ve tried to do unsuitable or unrealistic plans in the past. I use my education and experience as a coach to design individualised plans. And if you have trouble sticking to it, we’ll work out why and fix that, too. 

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If You're An Action Taker, Here's How To Get Started

Step #1 

Click the apply button below, answer a few questions (2 Minutes) 

Step #2

Once you've answered the questions, you can then choose a time and day for your free discovery call (10 Seconds) 

Step #3


On the call, we’ll assess where you are now versus where you want to be then come up with a plan of action to get you there. If I can help you, I’ll give you the opportunity to come under my wing and join my team (30 minutes). 


The Busy Man’s Coach Guarantee


I’m so confident that this will help you just as it’s already helped 100s guys like you, that I'm willing to offer you a guarantee! If you feel it’s not what you thought it would be, or that you’re not seeing or feeling positive results, contact me and I’ll refund the relevant portion of your investment. I’m upfront and honest as a coach and a businessman, you can talk to me any time.

It's Time To Make Your Most Important Investment Yet...